My Favorite Hand Steamer

travel-esteamI absolutely love my Jiffy Travel steamer. I recently replaced my original steamer after 20 years. We use our steamer at home instead of using an iron. This steamer heats up quickly and I never have to worry about scorching fabric. It’s more powerful than any other steamer I have found and it almost never spits water on my clothes. It’s great for travel and we take ours everywhere. This would be a fantastic steamer to touch up mothers’ dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses and tuxedos before the wedding.          

Esteam Travel Series: $75

Tip: If the garment you are steaming is silk, steam from the inside. You must take care not to get water on silk, as it will often leave water stains.

Using distilled water will lengthen the life of your steamer and prevent mineral build-up. When traveling, regular bottled water is an acceptable substitute.

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