Something to Think About….

The other day I had the privilege of working with a Mother of the Bride who is on a transplant waiting list. She was a tall beautiful woman. Her wedding is 10 months away. Seldom do I run across a person with such clarity and serenity. I couldn’t help but compare her to so many of the women in our store who were shackled by stress, obsessiveness, insecurity and fear. The irony struck me. 

This woman tried on two of the three dresses I brought her. Both dresses allowed for any possible swelling after the transplant and allowed for the pump she wore. She took a picture of one and sent it to her husband and her daughter. She smiled and told me that he was happy to come along with her but that she knew he would be happier at home. I laughed, because I have witnessed countless men over the years pacing back and forth like caged animals in a ladies dress shop. Both her husband and daughter sent back immediate responses like “You’ve never looked so beautiful!” and “ Wow! Two thumbs up!” – indicating to me the close family bond.

Over the years we have noticed that decisiveness like that is usually reserved for paramedics, neonatal specialists, ER doctors and nurses, Life flight helicopter specialists, judges and suicide crisis hotline counselors. When I commended her on her excellent decision making capabilities, she again smiled and said “when you’re in my kind of situation, you learn to live in the moment.” She affected me in a profound way. The store was filled with people who thought they had problems, yet she appeared to be the happiest and most content of all. I awoke the next morning still thinking of her, thankful for the privilege of meeting her. 


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