Wunderlist is Wunderful!

Organize your entire wedding with Wunderlist – a free and easy –to- use task manager.

Wunderlist can be used everywhere.  This tool is designed for iPhone, Android, the iPad, PC, Mac, or online with their new browser version.

Wunderlist allows you to share tasks (or should I say delegate responsibility) to others. You may share your lists by email or invite your friends and family to work with you on Wunderlist.

This is, in my opinion, one of the most spectacular organizational tools ever!  I love this!

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If you are having a destination or out-of-town wedding, Tripit can be a huge help.

I am amused by their tagline, “Tripit drags traveling, kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.”  Truth be told, most of the technological advancements in my life are only in my life because I was dragged, kicking and screaming into them. On a personal note, I am trying to be more Zen; find my happy place, and just succumb without the struggle. That being said, Tripit is easy to embrace.

Tripit is an organizational app for travel. Tripit magically turns all of your flight, hotel and rental car confirmations into mobile itineraries that can be accessed either on-line or on a mobile device simply by hitting forward.

Tripit has 3 plans to choose from. Tripit offers: Tripit Free, Tripit Pro, and Tripit for Business. The pro plan is free for 30 days and is then $49 per year; the Business Plan is also free for 30 days and then starts at $29 per year.

The Free Plan automatically creates itineraries by forwarding confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com. This plan allows for custom itineraries by allowing you to add maps and directions, travel notes, photos and recommendations. You are able to access your itinerary 24/7 online, via mobile devices, calendar feeds or social sites. Best of all, you can share your itinerary with family and friends to keep them in the loop, and as a way to connect with them on the road.

The upgraded options have more bells and whistles, and are certainly wonderful in their own right; but if you aren’t a frequent flyer, the Tripit Free proves that sometimes the best things in life are free!

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