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Dressing the Mother of the Bride: Our Best Tips!

As seen in Southern Weddings  By Emily Thomas One of our favorite parts of the Southern Weddings community is that it’s not just brides reading and participating, it’s moms, sisters, cousins, and friends, too! Moms, especially, come to us for advice on … [Read More...]

Mother’s in Style

Mother’s in Style

T. Carolyn Fashions' Terrie Martin styles Brides' & Grooms' Mothers to Perfection. In much the same way that brides are opting for weddings that are more personalized and reflective of  their taste and style, mothers, too are looking for dresses that … [Read More...]



It’s no secret that most women are different sizes on the top and the bottom.  While some women are bigger on top, I find the vast majority are larger on the bottom. What is surprising to me is the number of women who are willing to buy a dress that’s clearly too tight in one of those areas in an … [Read More...]

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Ordering Timeline and Availability…It Depends

Every day, all day, I am asked, “How long does it take to order a dress?”  My answer is always the same - “It depends.” I then launch into a 5-minute explanation of the categories of dresses and the parameters that surround ordering them. Usually, the customer’s eyes glaze over – who could blame … [Read More...]

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What Petite Sizes Really Mean for Mother of the Bride Dresses

As seen in, "Huffington Post... Many women think that "petite" means small, when in fact it doesn't. There are a number of women who are short and plus size. They are often shocked to find out that they are "petite" -- women's … [Read More...]

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The Long and the Short of It.

The Mother of the Bride traditionally chooses her dress first because she is the hostess of the wedding. The Mother of the Groom is the most honored guest at the wedding. The Mother of the Bride chooses first for one reason, and one reason alone; it’s to dictate degree of formality at the wedding. Full length is formal, anything shorter … [Read More...]

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Accessories for the Mother of the Bride: The Finishing Touch

As seen in, "Huffington Post...   Accessories -- The Finishing Touch!   One of the biggest mistakes mothers make is in breathing a sigh of relief once they have decided upon their dress, and completely forgetting about the … [Read More...]

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Our TV Show!

Mother of the Bride TV Show

T.Carolyn’s reality TV Show, Mother of the Bride, was launched on January 4, on the Slice channel in Canada, ( We will make an announcement when our show is chosen by a U.S. Broadcaster. Stay tuned!!!

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Destination Weddings

Dressing the Mother of the Bride for a Destination Wedding

As seen in, "Huffington Post..." A destination wedding can be the best of both worlds; a vacation and a wedding all rolled into one! With a bit of planning and preparation it can be easy for mothers to feel good, look great, and have a wonderful … [Read More...]

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Choosing a Color

Mother of The Bride Dresses: You Don’t Need to Match the Napkins

As seen in, "Huffington Post... Just say "No" to Swatches All day, everyday, I have brides (and mothers by extension) walk through the door with fabric swatches in their hands. The swatches are the colour of the bridesmaid's dresses, flowers, tablecloths, ribbons and even carpeting! The end … [Read More...]

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Mother of the Bride Style Solutions for Any Shape

As seen in, "Huffington Post..."   As a co-owner and dress consultant at T. Carolyn Fashions, I navigate the front lines of family conflict -- helping moms look great and satisfying the bride's often strident opinions. … [Read More...]

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Online Ordering

Caveat Emptor——Let the buyer beware!

While that warning was penned by the Romans over 2,000 years ago, nowhere is that phrase more applicable than on the Internet today. The web is replete with countless merchants selling bridal and social gowns.  What most unsuspecting buyers do not realize is that there are two problems facing … [Read More...]

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My Observations

Something to Think About….

The other day I had the privilege of working with a Mother of the Bride who is on a transplant waiting list. She was a tall beautiful woman. Her wedding is 10 months away. Seldom do I run across a person with such clarity and serenity. I couldn’t help but compare her to so many of the women in our … [Read More...]

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Fashion Advice for Breast Cancer Survivors

Fashion Advice for Breast Cancer Survivors

As seen in, “Weddings in Houston…” Breast cancer survivors & patients – tips & advice on looking fabulous!   Mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom are always special; it’s just that some mothers are more special than others. October is breast cancer awareness month and this article is dedicated to breast cancer […]